Sharing Houston Craft Beer

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a fledgling sipper, we hope to steer you in the right direction when it comes to Houston beer. We’re not cicerones or official BJCP judges, (yet) nor are we brewers or even beer aficionados (yet). We’re just regular guys who enjoy craft beer and love our city!


After digging around for a beer review sites in spring of 2016, Chris found himself having to look up words just to understand one of the reviews – as if they were written for some biochemist. A few others were terribly out of date while others just sucked. *Lightbulb* Since there are more bad ones that good ones, he decided to recruit a few of his friends to change it, and that’s what we’re here for – to share Houston craft beer.


We love Houston, we love Texas, and we love its beer. We want to share it with the world honestly and creatively, without making our readers feel like they’re something lesser. A beer blog shouldn’t be about one upping the next guy or who knows more because that’s not how the brewers operate. They collaborate and help one another unlike any other industry, and we aim to follow in their footsteps.


The last thing craft beer needs is more pretentious snobs, so rather than shunning a macro-drinker, we want to educate them on something better. When you have a friend just getting into craft beer in Houston, we aim to be their first stop along their journey.




What is Beer Chronicle?

A veteran-owned beer blog dedicated to Houston craft beer. Not everyone on the team is a veteran, but everybody here loves beer and loves Houston.


Currently, we’re all trying to drink and review one or two new craft beers from Houston area brewers per week without bias or brand loyalty, and write it all down for you.

We also make notes on craft beer jargon, beer news, random knowledge, and most importantly the breweries that give us the beer to write about! We also sell some stuff every now and again.


We focus mainly on craft breweries in the Greater-Houston area (that have an intention to distribute), but we also write about other breweries from around the nation whenever we can.


To be clear, we’ve drawn a hard line in the sand. It’s because when we were planning this stuff out Spring of 2016, it occurred to us that we had to draw the line somewhere, or we’d end up covering every bar in town (too much to manage and do well) or start covering stuff like BJ’s Brewhouse (decent spot but far from our core values).


We also visit a brewery every other month or so for an in-depth write up to help them share their stories. There are a couple of us with various backgrounds and preferences, so one dude might love a beer and the other not so much – but that’s the idea.



Beer Chronicle Today

We sat down one day and took a good look at who we are and who we want to be, in order to handle this enormous responsibility that is running a beer blog. This is what we came up with.


We’re Informative
Sharing info about Houston beer, breweries, and culture as well as other breweries when we can.


We’re Knowledgeable
We’re the guys that our friends call when they get to the beer aisle.


We’re Humble
Unpretentious, and just happy to share.


We’re Concise
No fluff, no BS, all original thoughts.


We’re Authentic
Every beer is not a 5 star, and you can’t buy a favorable review from us. Period.


We’re Fun
We’re pretty passionate about all this beer stuff, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.



Beer Chronicle Tomorrow

We are quickly becoming the authority on Houston craft beer.


Every now and again, we might have some products for sale, and full disclosure: we make use of affiliate linking and advertising to pay for the site.


Also, we’ve decided we may add contributors to the team from time to time. If you think you’ve got wort it takes, hop to it and give us a shout here.


Beers to you, Houston.  🍻