Baa Baa F U Harvey Cat 3


Baa Baa F U Harvey Cat 3

Baa Baa Brewhouse



ABV: 6.9%

IBUs: ?

Packaging: Draft, 12 ounce cans


If you already read Cat 4, much of the info here is the same. Skip to the 3rd paragraph. I picked up some cans of at the F U Harvey release, where we raised $1,200 in Teku sales alone. Baa Baa managed to raise a bunch too, with over $500 in straight cash donations, $313 from #reliefbeers, $7,ooo from the cans, for a whopping total of $9,013!

The artwork of F U Harvey Cat 3 may never be seen again, but it’s a brite can with a circular sticker on it. Cat 3 is white with black and white ransom-note-looking text surrounding a red hurricane icon and the state/flag of Texas. Red, white and blue brush strokes circle it all.

F U Harvey Cat 3 poured a hazy orange just like Cat 4 with 2 fingers of foamy white head that stuck around for a little while and laced down the glass spottily. Don’t mind the crappy picture. The sun was going down and the light makes the beer look wayyy off.

The smell of F U Harvey Cat 3 is a bit more mild than some of the other NEIPAs I’ve had, but it’s got some tropical notes with citrus – mango, guava, and the on-par grapefruit and orange.

F U Harvey Cat 3 is a bit thinner than some of the other Baa Baa offerings, but far from watery. The tropical notes from the nose make themselves known like the storm that bore the same name. They’re slow at the beginning, but they build in strength and hang around for a while. There’s also a unique lemony bitterness on the finish with no hop burn like Cat 4.

There’s a dry finish as well, unlike the inspiration for the beer.

It seems foolish to compare Cat 3 and 4 considering the Hop bills are so different, but their timing and names make it impossible not to.


You’re not gonna find F U Harvey Cat 3 in cans unless you’re trading, but you can find some Ps: I Love Ewe at Growler Spot, Growler USA, Murdoch’s, Home Sweet Market, Moon Tower Inn and Drink of Ages. There might be a little bit of F U Harvey Cat 3 and Cat 4 left on draft at Baa Baa if you get out there next weekend to pick up your Teku! But don’t hold your breath.

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