Baa Baa F U Harvey Cat 4


Baa Baa F U Harvey Cat 4

Baa Baa Brewhouse



ABV: 8.4%

IBUs: ?

Packaging: Draft, 12 ounce cans


If you read the write up on Cat 3, much of the info is the same. Skip down a few paragraphs. I picked up some cans of at the F U Harvey release, where we raised $1,200 in Teku sales alone. Baa Baa managed to raise a bunch too, with over $500 in straight cash donations, $313 from #reliefbeers, $7,ooo from the cans, for a whopping total of $9,013!

The artwork of F U Harvey Cat 3 may never be seen again, but it’s a brite can with a circular sticker on it. Cat 4 is black with black and white ransom-note-looking text surrounding a red hurricane icon and the state/flag of Texas. Red, white and blue brush strokes circle it all.

We know all too well how big Harvey was and just how ominous he looked, but this F U Harvey Cat 4 is a great refuge from all that with the color and opacity of chicken soup broth. There was a big, fat, foamy head that lingered and laced down the glass like spotty storms on the radar. I poured really aggressively, though. Don’t mind the off-color. The dang sunset messed up my shot! The beer isn’t as brown as the pics suggest.

F U Harvey Cat 4 smells of pure citrus like so many hazy IPAs do, but there’s a lemon and tangerine note that seem to rise above the rest.

The taste of F U Harvey Cat 4 surprised me, as I usually prefer the lighter ABV beers of this style. It starts off with a twinge of citrus that surprises the tip of your tongue. That’s followed by a pillowy mouthfeel full of grapefruit and tangerine notes that linger into a smoothly bitter finish with a little hop burn.

As I mentioned, I prefer the smaller ABV NEIPAs to the Doubles, but F U Harvey Cat 4 is special. It reminds me a bit of their very first NEIPA, Cow Jumped Over the Moon, but with less bitterness. It’s been a while, though.


You’re not gonna find F U Harvey Cat 4 in cans unless you’re trading, but you can find some Ps: I Love Ewe at Growler Spot, Growler USA, Murdoch’s, Home Sweet Market, Moon Tower Inn and Drink of Ages. There might be a little bit of F U Harvey Cat 4 and Cat 3 left on draft at Baa Baa if you get out there next weekend to get your Teku! But don’t hold your breath.

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