Baa Baa in a Galaxy Far Far Away by Tony


Baa Baa in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Baa Baa Brewhouse



ABV: 7.9%

IBUs: ?

Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 12 ounce cans


Thankfully the team went out to Baa Baa last weekend to grab some Meenie, and they were able to score me a little bit of this In a Galaxy Far Far Away! Baa Baa is cranking out Northeast IPAs quicker than anybody in town, but it’s far from quantity over quality – they’re nailing both every time.

Chris and I are working a post about the shelf life of these hazy IPAs as well as vertical/horizontal/upside down storage, so let it be known, I’m having this Baa Baa In a Galaxy Far Far Away after nearly 30 days sitting in a can. Still great though!

Baa Baa In a Galaxy Far Far Away came in a brite can with a black label on it. The label featured some stars in the background and the white, ascending typography, reminiscent of the Star Wars opening scene. I’ve never actually seen this movie in it’s entirety. I only know of it because of seeing it used in pop culture. Let the hate begin in the comments section.

You probably won’t find these cans any time soon, so don’t sweat the art too much.

But when you pour it! Baa Baa In a Galaxy Far Far Away pours like a can of juice that was at the back of the shelf after a hurricane wiped out the grocery store. That’s a high compliment when it comes to these hazy beers, in case you didn’t know! The hazier, the juicier, the better, and the unfiltered-ness shines through here big time.

Baa Baa In a Galaxy Far Far Away smells of gentle notes of mango, grapefruit and oranges. I bet the nose was a bit more pungent if I’d drank it a week or two ago.

The flavor of  Baa Baa In a Galaxy Far Far Away feels like something that’s paying homage to a classic in every way.

It starts off viscous and gassy with a ton of citrus with some tiny mango, pineapple and stone fruit notes twinkling in the distance. The finish is a bit more bitter than most, and it lingers and grows. For the style, that bitterness is a bit much. For my palette, it’s the 2Pac/Biggie, West Coast/East Coast collaboration that every hip hop head from my generation has been waiting on. See what I did there?

The creaminess and soft mouthfeel is great, though. I think Baa Baa might have the mouthfeel of these NEIPAs down better than anybody in town. The carbonation is high and champagne like, and I love it. There was so much yeast floating around in the glass, that there was a half a yeast cake at the bottom of the glass when I was finished. Nuts.

Baa Baa In a Galaxy Far Far Away reminds me a bit of their first hand at the style, The Cow Jumped Over the Moon with the bitter finish being a bit high. But the intricate differences between one and the next are what keep folks like us heading out to Baa Baa every other week to try a new NEIPA!


Unless you’re trading for it, I’m pretty sure Baa Baa in a Galaxy Far Far Away is gone already, but for the sake of cataloging it incase it comes back… Maybe you’re like me, and you’d rather read about a beer that you missed than have missed it entirely.

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