Eureka Heights Mini Boss by Tony


Eureka Heights Mini Boss

Eureka Heights Brew Co.



ABV: 6.8%

IBUs: 70

Packaging: Draft, 32 oz Crowler


Ahh… August 17, 2017. It was such a simpler time. Nobody living in a shelter, nobody asking friends for help with food and diapers, organizing public protests against big beer.

Then Harvey.

It’s crazy to think that in 30 years when our kids tell stories about Houston, they’ll include “post-Harvey.”

Well, here’s my first post-Harvey beer review of Eureka Heights Mini Boss IPA. Chris grabbed me a growler when he and a few other folks on the team stopped in for their big 1 yr anniversary. Shout out to Eureka Heights for providing water and so many other breweries for everything they’re doing for Harvey relief efforts. We’re working on a lil sum sum with the money you guys donated for the Big Beer Big Bird, but more on that soon.

I’ve spent the last 6 days demo-ing homes of elderly people that flooded, and the work’s long from done, so this will be shorter than most.

The artwork on Eureka Heights Mini Boss crowler isn’t the kind of thing you’d hunt down in a store, but it’s hardcore branded with their logo and colors boldly jumping off the can. The actual art that you might see on Untappd or on a taphandle is more like an 8 bit angry face made of orange text.  >:| Like this, but not drunk and sideways.

Eureka Heights Mini Boss poured a slightly opaque amber color with a thin white head. There wasn’t much lace as I sipped and typed.

The smell of Eureka Heights Mini Boss kinda threw me off at first. When the can cracked open, there was a burst of fruity notes that came up, but after I poured it and took a sniff, it was pretty chill. There are some sweet malt notes and some stonefruit, melon aromas with a little bit of alcohol as it warms up.

The taste of Mini Boss was good! After all of these hazy IPAs, I feel like I’m reconsidering my life decisions and prior ratings, but this is a traditional American IPA that could hold it’s own alongside something hazy. The first sip starts off sweet as the malt backbone is prominent, but the balance is on the finish. The fruity notes come back to play with a somewhat bitter finish (mild for 70IBUs). The stonefruit notes make themselves known again as the finish lingers.

Eureka Heights Mini Boss is a good beer. It’s better than good. It reminds me a little bit of Galveston Island Citra Mellow + Lone Pint Yellow Rose, or Saint Arnold Icon Green from 2017. It’s been a while since I had any of those beers, and I’m more tired than I’ve been in the last 10 years, so maybe I’m tripping. Whatevs.


You can find Eureka Heights Mini Boss at Molly’s Pub in Kingwood and Moon Tower in, or you could do like we do and just get it straight from the source. Duh. I wonder when Eureka Heights will start working on distribution into grocery stores, if ever. It seems like a lower priority goal for many of Houston’s breweries as the landscape continues to become more competitive.

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