An Unofficial List of Houston Breweries

Many of the breweries we could find that represent the Greater Houston Area are listed below. You can also view them in map form here.


As more and more little restaurants and pubs begin brewing their own stuff, the lines get a little blurry between brewer, brewpub, and brewery brewpub.


This is the list of breweries we’re focused on covering, despite what their licenses may say. One day, maybe we’ll have a few more authors, and we’ll start covering those smaller ones not focused on distribution.


We’ll visit each and every brewery below to find out a bit more about their history, what makes them unique and what sort of beers they offer. We’ll document it here. If you know something we don’t, hit us up on IG, Facebook, or shoot us an email here.


We’ll also be writing reviews of their beers and our experience at the brewery. Beers to you, Houston!

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Houston, TX

Founded: June 1994

Known For: Texas’ Oldest Craft Brewery

Beer to Try: Ale Wagger, Art Car IPA, Icon Series5 O’Clock Pils, Pub Crawl Pale Ale

One of the Houston Breweries that started it all. Our first keg of beer was shipped on June 9, 1994. Founded by Brock Wagner and Kevin Bartol, we chose Houston because, other than living here, this was the largest city in the country that did not have a microbrewery. Brock was a longtime homebrewer and had considered opening a brewery as far back as college, although that was quickly dismissed as a silly idea. Seven years after graduating, Brock revisited the idea, enlisted Kevin’s help and the brewery was off and running. Kevin has since left the business after a bitter battle. (Just kidding – but don’t you wish people wrote that when it was the truth?).


Brewery & Beer Hall is open Monday through Saturday.

Southern Star Brewing Company

Conroe, TX

Founded: July 2007

Known For: First craft brewery in Texas to offer canned beer

Beer to Try: Bombshell BlondeGarden State Heff, Pine Belt Pale Ale, Half Nelson IPA, Spring Pils, Winter Warmer

Located in Conroe, Texas, Southern Star Brewing Company was founded in July 2007. We were the first craft brewery in the great state of Texas to offer canned beer. We are also pleased to announce that we have just broken ground on a brand new facility expected to open late 2015.


We started production March 2008. Contrary to popular belief, the first beer we ever brewed was our Pine Belt Pale Ale. Shortly after, we added Bombshell Blonde and Buried Hatchet Stout to the list of year round releases.


Our Seasonals, such as our Le Mort Vivant and our Walloon, were based on beer styles that were all but extinct, and portions of the proceeds from our Red Cockaded benefit an endangered woodpecker native to our region.

New Republic Brewing

Bryan, College Station, TX

Founded: 2010

Known For:

Beer to Try: Skylight Dunkelweizen, Kadigan BlondeMarlinspike Porter

Born of a love for sharing good beer with good company. Founded in 2010 by Dean & Adrienne Brundage and John & Lisa Januskey, New Republic brews craft beer in College Station, Texas. We’re no two-percenters. NRB is run by a core of current and former students (and one slightly befuddled non-Aggie).


Leave a penny for Sully on our behalf and enjoy a New Republic beer when you celebrate. Get it in Bryan, College Station, and select locations in Houston. Come by the taproom to meet us and hear our story in person.

On account of our fierce beer lovin’ spirit, we hunkered down for a great brewed oddity that would whet our whistles and tickle our tastes. The suds of Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. are akin to their namesake, the beautiful birthplace of the mighty Brazos River: The Blackwater Draw. Now unlike that sludgy, unsanitary, downstream water that courses through the Brazos Valley, the beautiful Blackwater Draw sources unadulterated H-twenty. We follow this simple precept with our brew-making, and we believe it to be true that our time is not ill spent. Our beer is brewed in-house and is as sweet and pure as the water that pours from the Blackwater Draw.


The Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. makes bona fide craft beers that are as cultured as the grain that makes them. Consider us the safehouse for your gang while you hunker down, arouse your appetite, and satiate your thirst. Shit Dang!

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Houston, TX

Founded: December 2011

Known For: Houston’s most creative brewery

Beer to Try: Great White Buffalo Wit, Saigon Sunset, Buzz Nutz, Buffalo Sunset, Big Black Cowbell

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company is a new twist on an old craft. With creativity as our main goal, we subscribe to our own definitions regarding brewing parameters and guidelines, without sacrificing flavor or consistency.

Combining cutting-edge technology and technique with wildly sourced flavors, our innovative offerings create new narratives for how we think about beer. From grain to glass Buff Brews tell a story, invoking traditional and balanced flavor symmetry in our “Heritage Series,” as well as revolutionary and radical palates in our “Secessionist Series,” that break all the rules and alter the beer landscape.

Texian Brewing Company


Founded: November 2012

Known For: A bunch of good sours and as of 8/1/2017 closing their taproom to focus solely on distribution.

Beer to Try: FM 359

Texas is a storied land that has a rich history unlike any other. Its mountains have seen six national flags fly. Its prairies witnessed cattle drives that brought the cowboy that the whole world visualizes when hearing its name and its fight for independence created heroes and tales that will be told for eternity.


It is that rich history, and those heroes, that we wanted to represent when we created Texian Brewing Co. Not only did we want to create world-class representations of classic beer styles, but also spread the stories that made Texas what it is today. From the names of our beers to the ingredients we use, our Texas pride shines through.

No Label Brewing Co. truly began one sunny Saturday afternoon in the spring of 2009. The Royo family was sitting on the back porch enjoying some of Brian’s homebrew. After many pints, the conversation turned to the possibility of opening our own brewery. Although none of us had any experience running a brewery, we decided to give it a try.


No Label Brewing Co.’s first home was an old rice silo sitting empty in Old Town Katy. We signed the lease and after many months of sweat and tears our brewery was ready. We started holding small tastings for family and friends, who told their families and friends, and the numbers began to grow.

The Lone Pint Brewery

Magnolia, TX

Founded: December 2012

Known For:

Beer to Try: Yellow Rose Mosaic SMaSH IPA, Neighbor of the Beast IPA

The Lone Pint Brewery is a grassroots insurrection with the true beer lover in mind. We are dedicated to creating distinctive local Texas ales that are tasty, hoppy, and quaffable. We use raw whole cone hops for bittering, flavoring, aroma, and dry hopping additions in all of our brews. However, an equally important ingredient is the renewable energy that powers our Brewery. The spent grain is fed to a local dairy farmer’s cows and the spent hops are composted.


Craft brewing is an American institution. Our brewhouse and tanks are from Nevada, our boiler from Pennsylvania, our kegging machine from California, our chiller from Oregon, and our mill from Canada (close enough, eh!). Point being, we kept the love at home, doing our part to insure that craft brewing will always remain an American institution.

Cycler’s Brewing

Montgomery, TX

Founded: January 2012

Known For: Known for a cycling motif, private reservations and private water well, and having a keen nose for spices

Beer to Try: Palmares RIS, Derailler Scotch-Porter, Ryed Hard Rye IPA, Bonked Imperial Pumpkin Ale (yes, a pumpkin beer!)

Cyclers Brewing came about by friends who enjoy varied taste elements in food. Food is social. It has been, and it always will be. This transferred over into our varied creation of ales along with their different taste elements that we enjoy.


Their genesis spawned from a love of cycling, and apparently cycling and craft beer go hand in hand – who knew?


After a long ride years ago, the owner and head brewer Clay, was handed his first craft beer and it changed his world. Ever since then, he’s been on the hunt for new and varying  beer.


Applying his beer knowledge from being an area manager for Coors, Clay, his wife Tina, and the Cycler’s team have been brewing great beer on a piece of land with picturesque scenery.

Fetching Lab Brewery

Alvin, TX

Founded: 2012

Known For: 

Beer to Try: Round Up Amber, Bound and Determined Chile Stout

The Fetching Lab Brewing Company was founded in 2012 with a goal of producing high quality great tasting beer that can be enjoyed by a wide range of palates. It has taken us several years to turn our dream into a reality and are finally ready brew for you in early 2015. Just like the Labrador Retriever we have a strong desire to please our customers with a blend of hard work and intelligence.


We take pride in every offering we produce and live by the motto “Smart dogs making great beer for hard working people.

8th Wonder Brewery

Houston, TX

Founded: February 2013

Known For: Being Houston’s most Houston brewery

Beer to Try: Dome Faux’m, Weisstheimer, and Rocket Fuel

In 1965, the doors to the Houston Astrodome opened for the first time. Dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, this first ever air-conditioned domed stadium coincided with Houston’s launch into the global spotlight. We are proud to announce that Houston is home to yet another 8th Wonder.


We are applying our craft in a dome-like warehouse located in the shadow of the Houston skyline in East Downtown. 8th Wonder is one of the Houston Breweries that’s exploring styles across the beer world, each batch we brew undergoes strict flavor analysis and quality control.

Texas Beer Refinery

Dickinson, TX

Founded: 2013

Known For:

Beer to Try: Tex’s Blonde, Catalyst IIPA, Mexican IPA

Texas Beer Refinery is a micro-brewery in the Clear Lake area between Dickinson and Kemah. We look forward to serving you the best beers around. Cheers!


Every beer we brew achieves that elusive, craft-defining balance. You are family when you are here, so kick back, relax and enjoy yourself. Your beer, engineered.

Galveston Bay Beer Company

Galveston, TX

Founded: 2013

Known For: 

Beer to Try: Blueberry Blonde, Watermelon Wheat, Sunny Day IPA, Ghostship Gose

Galveston County has a rich history of brewing beer dating back to 1895 with the purchase by Adolphus Busch of property at Post Office and 34th on Galveston Island. The Galveston brewery (Named Galveston Brewing Company) was under construction in 1896 and completed in February of 1897.


The building changed hands, and brews, half a dozen time in the last century. The building is rundown but still stands, operational for almost 100 years as a beverage production facility. It survived the great hurricane of 1900, two world wars, prohibition and the Great Depression. All things that would have been made a little easier with a nice cold brew.

B-52 Brewing Co.

Conroe, TX

Founded: 2013

Known For:

Beer to Try: Payload Pilsner, Wheez the Juice Hazy APA, Tart Frenchie, RAAAAAAAANDY Hoppy Ale, Blueberry Pie Berliner

This family owned brewery owned by the Daniel’s family (mom, Pam, Dad, Ron, and sons Ben and Brent). The Conroe brewery, opened in 2013, is named for their love of the WWII bomber. This classic woodsy location is great for an afternoon hangout with beer, food and a great atmosphere.


At this location you’ll get a branded B-52 half-pint glass and several beer pours of your choice including beers with such great names as Payload Pilsner, Wingman Wheat IPA and Breakfast Stout.

Galveston Island Brewing

Galveston, TX

Founded: June 2014

Known For: Best Bar of 2015

Beer to Try: Tiki Wheat, Citra Mellow IPA

Stop into Galveston’s premiere local brewery. Located on the west end of Galveston Island, and just a block from the beach, Galveston Island Brewing is a great stop on your tour of the island. All beers on our 11 tap, tap wall are brewed right on site.


A craft brewery in the Galveston – Houston area featuring onsite tap room showcasing classic beer styles from around the world!

Spindletap Brewery

Houston, TX

Founded: 2014

Known For: Having an oil & gas motif, philanthropy with children, and trying hard to be more than just kid friendly

Beer to Try: Houston Haze, Honeyhole ESBHop Gusher IPA, Hops Drop IPA, Aceite Crudo RIS

Combining the (2) brewmaster’s love of art and science to make delicious, painstaking-attention-to-detail beer, SpindleTap has grown really quickly in their first year. They’ve experienced a “boom” of their own, you could say.


Co-Founders Brody Chapman, David Miller, Shaun Ebersole, Cameron Banks and Adam Wright worked together for a logistics company. Initially their intentions for the brewery were small. They wanted to create a tiny, humble, yet fun place to bring customers to entertain them. Golf course? Old news. Fishing trips? Done that. How about a brewery!? Hell. Yes.

But like all good things, when combined with passion and a couple of dudes with a “get the job done” attitude, the humble goals of SpindleTap Brewery grew into big, lofty ones that had them reconsidering everything.

Copperhead Brewery

Conroe, TX

Founded: 2015

Known For:

Beer to Try: Striker IPA, Kangaroo Killer Pale AleBlack Venom Imperial Stout, King of Terrors

This Conroe craft brewery is owned by Mark Earnest and his son, Seth, the head brewer. Seth interned with Saint Arnold Brewery for four years before opening up this cool space in Conroe. Located only a few blocks from Downtown Conroe.


They chose the copperhead snake because it’s local to Conroe, where Seth grew up. They focus on Belgain styles that are less-attempted by Houston area brewers, but he’s also a hop fiend that’s always tinkering.

11 Below Brewing

Houston, TX

Founded: March 2015

Known For: Being too young to know what they’re known for, being unpretentious, and possibly being the only brewery in town wiht their own custom server rack

Beer to Try: Oso Bueno Amber, Color Blind Red IPA, Lame Duck Pale Ale, and Negative Space Chocolate Milk Stout

These guys are easily some of the most humble, down-to-earth, people in Houston, and their beer’s pretty good too.


They’ve got a great sense of humor that shines through in their branding, but when it comes time to brew the beer, all jokes are out the window. They’ve also been recognized for their efforts in the community.


They’re still young yet, and they’re not even 100% sure who they want to be when they grow up, but they’re 111% ok with that.

Town in City Brewing

Houston, TX

Founded: March 2015

Known For: 

Beer to Try: City Amber, City Porter, White Linen IPA

We love our neighborhood. We love how eclectic, unique, and quaint the Heights is. So what better way to honor our home than to name our brewery after it. The heights is known as the Small Town In The Big City. So we decided to name our brewery Town In City Brewing Company in honor of Houston’s first official suburb that was established way back in 1896.

Brash Brewing Company

Houston, TX

Founded: 2015

Known For:

Beer to Try: Abide, Black Masses Double Coffee’d Stout, EZ-7 APA

Originally, Fullelove started Brash as a contract brewing company in Massachusetts, but changes to Texas beer laws allow him to obtain a brewpub license and maintain his interest in Petrol Station, the Oak Forest bar that’s become a hotspot in Houston’s burgeoning craft enthusiasm. Fullelove tells CultureMap that he consulted with Jeff Stuffing from Austin’s Jester King Brewery and Scott Metzger from San Antonio’s Freetail Brewery before he brought Brash home.

BAKFISH Brewing started when a couple of good friends who shared a passion for quality craft beer decided to take a leap of faith, quit their jobs and pursue their dream.


BAKFISH Brewing Company is a Pearland brewery committed to serving our direct local community. We have a great property and location in Pearland, where Brian grew up and went to school. This property is located on the main thoroughfare (FM 518) on the east side of Pearland near Friendswood.

Back Pew Brewing

Porter, TX

Founded: March 2016

Known For: Shameless use of church rhetoric, painstaking attention to detail, a unique Saints/Sinners approach to communicating about heavy and light beers.

Beer to Try: Blue Testament PilsSweet Salvation Brown Ale, Satyr’s Swill Bock

For many years, the building that occupied 26452 Sorters McClellan Rd in Porter, Texas was a very different type of establishment. Though today the brewery bustles with machinery and fills with the aromas of beer, this old church building used to house a congregation and fill with the sound of prayers.


Though church folk are known for following tradition, we beer guys aren’t so easily defined. We seek inspiration from sources strange and fantastic, and we passionately brew our beers with creative characters and daring twists.

Saloon Door Brewing

Webster, TX

Founded: April 2016

Known For:

Beer to Try: Pie in the Sky Pecan Porter, Cream Ale, Peanut Butter & Choc Milk Stout

Saloon Door Brewing is the newest craft brewery to the Houston beer scene. Centrally located in Webster, TX, Saloon Door has a 10-barrel system that allows us to serve our popular tasting room as well as distribute to brew pubs, bars, and restaurants around the Houston and Galveston County areas. We opened our doors in early April 2016 and celebrated our official grand opening April 29, 2016.

Galactic Coast Brewing


Founded: 2010

Known For:

Beer to Try: Sneaky Blonde, Rocket Ride, Goblin Hunter

Galactic Coast Brewing Company is an experimental, micro-brewery located just miles from the home of U.S. Manned Space Flight/NASA Mission Control (Johnson Space Center) and the water (Galveston Bay, Clear Lake and Gulf of Mexico) in the great state of Texas.


We are avid, if not aggressive, craft beer enthusiasts and are proud to have brought commercial brewing back to Galveston County, which has a tradition of famous breweries dating back to the 1800s although none in more than 30 years.


Not currently packaging beer for sale in cans/bottles. Can’t fill/sell beer at the brewery. No tours of the brewery. Can only buy their beer at the restaurants/bars they distribute too.

Baa Baa Brewhouse

Brookshire, TX

Founded: April 2, 2016

Known For: Being so kid friendly that sometimes there are as many children as there are adults. They’re also known for small-batch experimental brews.

Beer to Try: Father Goose IPA, Baa Baa Kölsch, Cow Jumped Over the Moon NEIPA, Ennie NEIPA

Marcus and his wife Kinga want their small establishment to be family friendly, so the name of their brew house is a take on the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Blacksheep.

Open Friday and Saturday and some Sunday’s, but their hours are somewhat sporadic, so keeeep an eye on these sheeeep’s Facebook. Since brewing their first NEIPA, they haven’t looked back. They still keep a few standards on deck, but they’re canning hazy IPAs every other week.

Dog friendly, kid friendly, everybody of every race, gender, and faith friendly. They’re just friendly.

Bearded Fox Brewing Co.

Tomball, TX

Founded: November 2014

Known For:

Beer to Try: Goat IIPA

Bearded Fox Brewing Co. is a small, craft, micro-brewery in Tomball,TX dedicated to using premium sustainable ingredients to bring our customers amazing beer.

Great Heights Brewing Company

Houston, TX

Founded: 2016?

Known For:

Beer to Try: Fruity Pellets NEIPA, So Inclined Saison, Covhefe Hefeweizen

Great Heights Brewing Company is building a production brewery and taproom set to open in early 2017 in the Oak Forest/Garden Oaks neighborhood of Houston, TX. We’re excited to bring a craft brewery to the neighborhood we call home and to be part of the exciting growth in the Houston beer scene. Please follow our progress on our social media pages, and check out our shirts and hats in the merch store!


More info to come.

Our roots are similar to most. Home-brewing, maybe a few too many, and a crazy “what if”. As the recipes were being developed, we discovered the old Brenham Brewery located just south of downtown Brenham, Texas.
We’re not a complicated brewery nor are we a complicated group of people. Our philosophy is a simple one. We brew what we like and we hope you like it, too.

Huff Brewing Company

Belville, TX

Founded: ?

Known For:

Beer to Try: Huff’s Original, Huffmeister

Located in Austin County, Texas, we’re committed to crafting our beer to compliment our history, customs, and lifestyles. We always brew with a respectful nod toward tradition before looking forward to produce beer with a worthy amount of creativity, adventure, and independence. The result is our idea of a good beer: one we enjoy.


We hope you agree. Here’s to sharing a beer with you soon — Prost!

Fire Ant Brewing Company

Tomball, TX

Founded: 2009

Known For: Being at local festivals and Texans tailgates, really hanging out with the people and exposing them to various new styles of beer.

Beer to Try: Mosaic Ant APA, Antoberfest, and Working Ant German Porter

Brewmaster Kurt, brother Carl, and friend Bruce started out brewing small batches at home after being prodded by a few friends to try it out. These guys never looked back for a second.

They’ve been experimenting with a wide range of beer types and perfecting them until they’re light and drinkable, perfect for 11 months of summer in Tomball, Texas.

Their expected to open a brand new facility on Market Street in Spring of 2017.

Eureka Heights Brew Co.

Houston, TX

Founded: January 2016

Known For: Having a great sense of humor

Beer to Try: Nuke the Whales, Mini Boss IPA, Buckle Bunny, Space Train, Moo Caliente

Eureka Heights Brewing Company was forged in the dark depths of the Eureka Heights fault line and the hellfire of Houston summer. Once emerged we spent years on a spirit quest that guy at the gas station recommended. Then we decided we wanted to make some beer.


Our name comes from the Eureka Heights fault system, which runs under our brewery. The fault was important during the development of Houston and even has a railroad tower named after it, and we’re pretty sure we don’t need to tell choo how awesome we feel about that.

Holler Brewing Co.

Houston, TX

Founded: Late 2016

Known For:

Beer to Try: Looyah Milk Stout, Dollar Pils Y’all, IPA

Our brewery is our name. Some call us uncreative, some call us egomaniacs. We prefer “committed”. Our name is on our product, so we take it seriously.


We used to make other things — lesson plans, TPS reports, Excel sheets that ruled the world — but none of these gave us as much pleasure, or as much alcohol, as making beer. So in January, 2015, we abandoned our adult lives in favor of the much less practical pursuit of beer making.


John got his training from the Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich, and Kathryn brewed and served at Two Henry’s Brewing in Plant City, FL.

Running Walker

Richmond, TX

Founded: November 2014

Known For:

Beer to Try: Texas Reserve IPA

Starting distribution in Summer 2016, these guys have some big plans.


More info to come.

4J Brewing Company

Spring Branch, TX

Founded: ?

Known For:

Beer to Try: 

4J is a women-owned and family-operated craft brewery in the Houston/Spring Branch area.


The family, including previous generations, has lived in Spring Branch for nearly 100 years.  The name 4J comes from the four “J” siblings – Jessica, Jackie, Joanna, and Jennifer. Having four girls whose name all start with a J made it tough on poor dad. He would refer to each of the girls by order of birth.


The youngest, #4, and Dad started home brewing together years ago, living by the motto “makin’ some and drinkin’ some.” The beer was always a hit at family events so one day, #4 and Mom decided to “steal” Dad’s hobby and shape it into a business. Dad, the official taste tester and brewmaster, quickly warmed up to the idea because he always has enough beer to drink.

Sigma Brewing Company

Houston, TX

Founded: 2009?

Known For: 

Beer to Try: Murry Chrimmus Imperial Porter

At Sigma, we are just regular dudes that have all lead different lives, and over the years the one thing that always kept us connected was our passion and love for beer and home brewing. As we started brewing not-so- shitty beer at home, we started to wonder if one day we could make beer our jobs and not just our favorite pastime. From there, “The Brewery,” as it became known, was something that we all fantasized about.


About 7 years ago, we decided to stop fantasizing. We took a hard look at ourselves and knew that we didn’t have what it took to start and run a brewery, so we rubbed our hands together and got to work. We did our research, we (drank) did our homework, and we convinced not only ourselves, but others, that we (sort of) knew what we were doing, and if nothing else our passion and drive could make “The Brewery” a reality. We will be the first to admit we don’t know everything, but we are sure as hell going to enjoy learning from the process.

Platypus Brewing

Houston, TX

Founded: 2016

Known For: Australian Influence

Beer to Try: The Ranga Red Ale

After home brewing for years, and moving back and forth from Houston to Australia, they decided to open up a brewery in Houston.


The concept evolved as the three Platypi discussed venture possibilities and realized that all of the things that they loved about both Australia and Texas were one and the same, a cultural overlap so-to-speak. The passion of crafting great beer, while creating a friendly and relaxed neighborhood environment for people to come together and enjoy good drink and food, started to take shape. The dream quickly became a reality.

Under the Radar Brewery

Midtown-Houston, TX

Founded: 2016

Known For: ?

Beer to Try: ?

Under the Radar Brewery has humble beginnings, similar to many of the excellent brewers listed on this page. Founders Ned Davis, Herb Garcia, and Mike Norfleet had been homebrewing for 7-some-odd years each, sharing their beer with friends and families at tailgates and weddings.


They started to build a little buzz around their brews, and began to take it to the next level with Under the Radar Brewery in Midtown.

City Acre Brewing

North Houston, TX

Founded: 2016

Known For: ?

Beer to Try: Hitchcock Blonde

Matt Schlabach has been brewing beer for over twelve years, and is a certified BJCP beer judge. The combination of an engineer’s precision and a German’s love of beer combine to make Matt a one-two punch of brewing savvy.

Ingenious Brewing Co.

Humble, TX

Founded: 2017

Known For: Small batches, one-off batches, and lots of adjunct brewing

Beer to Try: Made in Texas IPA, FroYo IPA,

Ingenious Brewing is the brainchild of Mike and Justin. Mike is a multi-award winning home brewer turned professional brewer who has been honing his brewing technique for over 10 years in his home state of Pennsylvania.


Justin, originally from Houston, began brewing with Mike 7 years ago while on station in Pennsylvania for work. Both holding degrees in science, they enjoyed tinkering with recipes by applying knowledge of the chemical properties found in the ingredients of beer.


Over time this process led to exceptional and inventive beer. “Ingenious” perfectly symbolizes our philosophy that brewing beer is equal parts science and creativity.

Gordon Street Tavern

Alvin, TX

Founded: December 31, 2011

Known For: Located in a 100+ year old building directly next to the train tracks. Possibly the smallest commercial brewery in the Houston area.

Beer to Try: Gordon Street Hefeweizen, Gordon Street Amarillo IPA 

Henry and Chef Jay came together in summer of 2013 to up the game of craft beer and food in Alvin. Gordon Street Tavern is a full service restaurant, tavern, and brewpub. The Tavern has 34 craft taps featuring house brews, staple taps, and rotator taps.


Few thought that craft beer could thrive in a semi-rural city.  In 2014, the game of craft beer was accelerated once again when Gordon Street Tavern became a Brewpub and once again in 2017 by beginning a limited distribution pipeline.

Vallenson’s Brewing Company

Pearland, TX

Founded: May 27, 2017

Known For: Being a nano-brewery with rotating styles

Beer to Try: Settler’s Oatmeal Stout, The Depot Pale Ale 

Vallensons’ Brewing Company was envisioned by Valle Kauniste and embraced by and, through much feedback over the years, enhanced by his wife Lori and other family members as well as many dear friends. The Vallensons’ (pronounced Valle-N-sons) name was created based on the Brewmaster himself and his two sons with hopes and dreams of his sons, Valle and Konner, later working with dad at the brewery.


It all started about 17 years ago when Valle decided to experiment with crafting his own beer out of his garage. He was originally driven by his desire to have better craft beer options that didn’t exist at the time.

160 Ft Beerworks


Founded: 2016

Known For: Small batch, big taste

Beer to Try: Mo’ Money Mo’ Honey Hef, Black Gold Sour Hef 

Statement from owner: “It’s over folks. We’re shut down permanently. We were unable to accept the quality of our building owners remediation effort. We’ll miss the area and the community that accepted us with open arms and much love. Please continue to show your love to the warehouse district, Last Concert Cafe, Hardy and Nance Studios, Bisong Gallery, Studio 713, and Theodore Rex.”

Baileson Brewing Company

Houston, TX (Rice Village)

Founded: 2017

Known For: ?

Beer to Try: ? 

Brewing small-batch craft beer in the Rice Village area.

Texas Leaguer Brewing

Missouri City, TX

Founded: 2017

Known For: Being baseball fanatics

Beer to Try: 2 Hopper IPA, Airmail Blonde

Big plans for the big leaguers as they’re bringing some good beer to a previously pretty scarce area. They’ve got a 20 BBL capacity, but they’re focusing on building out their taproom before maximizing that capacity for canning distribution.

Whole Foods Market Brewing Company

Galleria Area, Houston

Founded: 2014

Known For: Creating dozens of hazy IPAs that don’t disappoint and making use of a produce section when needed

Beer to Try: DL Double, Steady Sippin’, Post Oak Pale Ale, Hop Explorer

Whole Foods Market Brewing Company is nestled away in the Post Oak Whole Foods in the Galleria. With an unlimited array of fresh ingredients on site, the beer and food menus  feature an exciting array of local and seasonal flavors.


Our Head Brewer Dave Ohmer loves to incorporate local produce, fresh herbs and innovative flavor combinations that reflect the diverse and beloved tastes of Texas.

Fulbrook Ale Works

Richmond, TX

Founded: 2017

Known For: Taking over Texian’s taproom when they decided to close it down

Beer to Try: ? 

Jeremiah Ivey, head brewer and owner, is a veteran with 10+ years experience in the beer industry, and he worked for OKC’s Coop Ale Works before venturing out on his own. Fulbrook Ale Works will likely be open to the public winter of 2017.

Devil and the Deep Brewery

Galveston, TX

Founded: 2017

Known For: Being the brewery formerly known as The Free State of Galveston Craft Brewery

Beer to Try: ? 


Walking Stick Brewing Company

Houston, TX

Founded: 2018

Known For: Portland concept, English-inspired beers, with a Colorado theme

Beer to Try: ESB

With a hyper-local focus in Garden Oaks, Owner Andrew Dunn will be one of one Houston brewers delivering kegs on a bicycle with a trailer. The brewery got its name from Andrew’s son. He makes custom walking sticks.


Their beers will have an English focus, but will represent Andrew and his team’s home of Colorado.

Astral Brewing

Houston, TX

Founded: 2017

Known For: ?

Beer to Try: ? 

Astral Brewing is a new brewery coming soon to Houston Texas. Our specialty is hoppy ales including hazy north east IPA’s and clean and crisp west coast IPA’s. We will also offer roasty porters for the winter months, and light refreshing ales for the heat of the summer.

Cranky Britches Brewing Co.

Dickinson, TX

Founded: 2018

Known For: Filling the facility that used to house Galactic Coast

Beer to Try: Andromeda IPA, Damn Skippy Peanut Butter Porter



Kingwood, TX

Founded: 2017

Known For: 

Beer to Try: ?