Top 12 Remarks from the Karbach Sellout

Here are the Top 12 Remarks from the Karbach Sellout

If you haven’t heard yet, you’re either drunk or you’re living under a rock. When news spread of the Karbach Sellout earlier this week, it sent waves through the craft beer community throughout the city, and even the state.

Everybody had something to say about the Karbach sellout, and we thought it’d be thoughtful to cull them all together for you to scroll through as you drank that last Hopadillo or Mother in Lager you just grabbed this weekend. We searched the interwebs high and low to find all this stuff found most of it on Facebook and IG.

12. Some random dude in the comments on the original Karbach sellout Facebook post



11. Holler Brewing Company Capitalizing on the Karbach Sellout



10. Guadalupe Brewing Company’s Very Serious-Toned Rant (‘Til About 3/4 Through)



9. The Petrol Station for Supporting the Cause (Along with Several Other Bars)



8. Deep Ellum – They Got Jokes



7. Brash, Ironically One of the Most Outspoken on the Topic



6. Nick’s Friend



5. Some Random Dude with a Similar Take on the Issue



4. Chris with the Super-Clutch Plug



3. Austin Beer Works with the Office Space Neighbor Dude Quote (See Here)



2. Brock Wagner Calling Total BS



1. *Drum Roll* Hop Scholar for the Win



This is easily the most thoughtful, witty, oh-so-true comment on the matter. Hats off to you, HoScho!

Honorable mention goes to Brash. It’s ironic that “Houston’s most metal brewery” are the ones pissing and moaning the most, but they’re right at every turn, so maybe it’s not so much pissing and moaning as it is gun-slinging the bitter, ugly truth?

Brash posted this in a follow up to their joke above, “To all the people who want to say we should be happy for Karbach achieving the “American Dream” by selling out their brewery to a foreign company that is hell bent on destroying independent craft beer and monopolizing every grocery store beer selection, sports stadium beer selection and bar tap selection- Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman started a craft brewery in 1978 when there was no craft beer. He built his own equipment because there wasn’t any that existed for a micro brewery scale. He built his business while at the same time maintaining his original vision and integrity, took care of the employees who passionately help him build an industry, and respected the fans who have supported his brewery.

That is Craft Beer. That is the American Dream. By the way…he’s now a self made billionaire. Here’s to the true craft beer pioneers and visionaries.

Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

Monopoly: exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices.

Sell out: Compromising your integrity, usually for money.”

The not so honorable mention goes to this dude on IG that clearly doesn’t like 8th Wonder. He was posting this crap in the comments everywhere, and it was hilarious – mostly because it was so far outta line. But he said he loved us, so we love him too. 8th Wonder and several others roasted him in the comments.


If you saw another funny post about the Karbach Sellout, please, PLEASE tag us @BeerChronicleHou. This is helping us in the grieving process.

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