Nightmare on First Street, No Label Brewing Co.


Nightmare on First Street

No Label Brewing Co.

Katy, TX

Pumpkin Ale

ABV: 9.27%

IBUs: 15

Packaging: 12oz. Bottles, 22oz.Bombers



Nightmare on First Street starts off with a tangy pumpkin flavor that balances with actual beer flavors for a split second and then amplifies in a big way. There’s some malty sweetness in between and it goes right back to the pumpkin spices. It leaves a spiced flavor and a bunch of alcohol on the tongue.

It’s an oxymoron of a beer because it’s sort of light and drinkable when it comes to beer flavor, but it’s pretty dang heavy when it comes to pumpkin spice and ABV.

If we’re going apples to apples, this reminds me of the Karbach Kunkin Pumpkin I had last week, but it’s a bit heavier handed on the pumpkin spices and alcohol.

When it comes to fruit-flavored beers, I want balance. Nightmare on First Street isn’t a bad beer by any stretch, in fact, it’s pretty good, but the pumpkin spice is really heavy. For some, that might be welcomed, but for me, it’s a bit much, so I gave it two stars.

Nightmare on 1st Street has a rich copper-brown color with a bright colored, thin head and almost no lace.

This is only my second pumpkin ale ever, but I just expected more balance. The heaviness of the pumpkin spice is too much for me to say this is a good beer, namely the clove notes.


This is one of No Label’s Off Label series, so it’s branded as such. If you didn’t know No Label, you’d see this on a shelf and think it was an Off Label beer until you read a bit more. The art features white and UT orange type on a dark gray label. There’s a circular badge featuring the Off Label branding surrounded by a hand-penned illustration in the background of the Katy Rice silos that locals are familiar with.

Nightmare on First Street was given to me by Chris, but he got it from one of the DIY 6 packs at HEB. It’s probably on tap at the brewery and reputable Katy craft beer spots during the fall season, but I can’t guarantee  that.

If I’m being completely transparent, the only reason I’m doing a bunch of Oktoberfests and pumpkin beers is because it’s seasonal, and I think you, our readers, want to know about stuff like that. I don’t prefer pumpkin beer, but I also don’t understand all the hate, so I’m stirring the pot a bit. What do you think about Nightmare on First Street or pumpkin beer in general?

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