No Label Elda M. Stout


No Label Elda M.

No Label Brewing Co.


Milk Stout

ABV: 6.3%

IBUs: 28

Packaging: Draft, 12 ounce bottles, Growler


No Label has a special spot in my heart because of Don Jalapeño (yeah, watchu gone do ‘bout it?). Since then, they’ve produced a handful of awesome beers and a few that were lackluster, depending on who you ask. That had me reluctant to commit to buying a pack of Elda M. Milk Stout, if I can be totally honest. And I always am.

No Label Elda M. is affectionately named after the boat hat owner Melanie Royo (one of the owners) grew up on in Panama City. The label sports a ton of light blue and a little bit of tan and black with an illustration of the boat chopping through the seas. The text “ELDA M” sits at the top and reels you into the rest of the label.

Elda M. pours pretty much black with a creamy tan head. The lacing trickles down leaving remnants of bubbles with each sip, just like the waves do on the shore.

The smell of No Label Elda M. is kind of mild and forgettable, and I wonder if that’s why it fell in the middle of the pack when we did our Top 5 Stout tasting? There’s a little bit of sweet coffee, and some malty chocolate/vanilla reminiscent of a whopper candy, but it’s mild.

The flavor of No Label Elda M. Milk Stout is where the ship really begins to set sail. When I took my first sip, I was truly amazed that it didn’t rank better. I demand a recount. It’s just proof that when you do a blind tasting like that, it really separates the pack.

Anyhow, the sip starts off sweet and chocolatey, and that’s followed by a wave of syrupy coffee and chocolate aromas. She’s a real beaut. The smoothness of the mouthfeel and the medium-heavy body aren’t quite motor oil, but just thick enough. It could stand up to a snow day in Houston (the one day every ten years that it gets cold enough in Houston to snow)!

It really reminds me a bit of Copperhead Black Venom. Nick enjoyed it too. It’s a little lighter in mouthfeel, aroma, and ABV, but the flavors and smells are comparable.


No Label Elda M. is pretty easy to find in bottles and it’s on draft at the Backyard Grill in Jersey Village and Old Chicago in Katy. Bottles are at every decent HEB, Specs, and Total Wine.

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