No Label Havana Nights Mojito Lime by Hannah


No Label Havana Nights Mojito Lime

No Label Brewing Company

Katy, TX


ABV: 5%

IBU: 8

Packaging: 4 pack 12 ounce bottles


Lately, I’ve found myself daydreaming about taking a vacation to a tropical paradise or a foreign country; basically anywhere that isn’t the sauna of Southeast Texas. Coincidentally enough for this review, Havana, Cuba, has found itself at the top of my travel list for a number of reasons.

1. I recently helped organize a Havana-themed fundraiser for the nonprofit I work for.
2. My thesis research as a Master’s of Sociology student was accepted at a conference in Havana!
3. Fewer travel restrictions to Cuba (THANKS OBAMA!) means the real possibility of visiting a once-unavailable-to-Americans cultural mecca.

So here I am, jonesing for Havana, when I stumble across No Label Havana Nights Mojito Lime. The timing, as I mentioned, was perfect. Just the week before, my compadre and Beer Chronicle co-founder, Chris, gifted me with a legitimate Cuban cigar. A complimentary pair I thought…

First, before diving into my review of Havana Nights Mojito Lime, I feel it’s necessary to point out that while No Label Brewing technically created this concoction, it falls under their sub-brand called “Off Label”. According to the Off Label team, these are a “limited edition, speciality brew series…that show off our experimental side that just didn’t quite fit in with our No Label Beers”.

No Label Havana Nights Mojito Lime pours a cloudy, light orangey yellow color, very similar to the “hazy” style of beers popping up everywhere. It holds a light tan head very briefly.

If you blind tested a pure mojito and this beer against each other, the smells would almost completely mimic one another. Havana Nights Mojito Lime, scent-wise, stays true to it’s name. Expect strong, refreshing bursts of acidic citrus, light hints of mint, all balanced with light malty tones.

Much to my dismay, the Cuban-themed, tropical escape stopped there. The flavors only seemed captured in the scent, as No Label’s Havana Nights Mojito Lime tasted watered-down, weak, and unmemorable. The light mouthfeel and medium carbonation forced me to try multiple sips, in hopes I’d find the flavors I’d been seeking.

The taste begins a strong acidic lime with very little, almost indiscernible, mint notes. The malt did not seem to balance the citrusy, acidic taste so the flavors trail off at the end to cause a muted, bland aftertaste.

I’ll be for real for real. I desperately wanted to like this beer, with it’s fun, experimental concept, cute label, and refreshing AF smell. But alas, my two-star rating ultimately came down to taste, unarguably the most important category when “judging” beer. It pours beautifully with scents to match, but I couldn’t finish even one bottle.


If my review hasn’t completely scared you off (as I do suggest giving the brew a try for yourself), your options may be limited in number in attempting to acquire No Label Havana Nights Mojito Lime. Only just placed on shelves in June, this limited release comes in made-for-sharing four packs.

I was fortunate to find a single available at D&Q Beer Station. Be on the look for a label (pictured above) that features wispy sprigs of mint leaves wrapping around the box.

Havana Nights Mojito Lime left me disappointed and still thirsty. AB InBev wants you to think the liquor and wine industries are the enemy, but now I feel as though cocktail/beer mashups might be the true foe of craft beer lovers. However, it’s possible my experience was quite the polar opposite of yours, and that goes to show what an immense variety of palettes exist!

What did YOU think of No Label’s Havana Nights Mojito Lime? After all, one person’s No Label is another person’s Miller Lite, or vice versa. Beers to you, Houston! 🍻

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