Operation Big Beer Big Bird: 7 Reasons You Should Be a Part of it

Operation Big Beer Big Bird: 7 Reasons You Should Be a Part of it

We live in polarizing times. You’re either a Fascist or a Communist. You’re either pro-black or you’re a racist.

Your cause is either noble or douchebaggery. Just depends on who you ask.



You’ve probably been outside of your home and seen firsthand that many of the divisions aren’t as polarizing as your friends on Facebook make them seem.

For us, one of those polarizing divisions is standing behind independent brewers, but most of us are on the same side even if we disagree on how to educate people. If you’re reading this post, we don’t need to drone on and on about what craft means or why it matters. You already get it.

Instead, we wanted to take a minute to share the why behind our Operation Big Bird Big Beer and how we’re getting it done.

We know it’s big, and that’s the point – getting enough folks to take a stand and put a few dollars into something they believe in. Of course some people won’t get it.

We can’t all agree on everything. But before you read any further, 3 of our friends have openly told us they can’t back this. That’s perfectly fine. No love lost. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean you’re against them. We still love all y’all.✌️

You see, it was all a dream/
We used to read full pint magazine/
Hopadillo and BBH was in the routine/
Karbach had us all in awe, every Saturday, matter-fact/
Weekend Warrior was on/

But they sold out, and that’s not cool. No matter how many of our friends work there. We’re still friends, btw. (But they all already know that.)

We’re going to do everything in our power to share that with Houston because they’re a well known name. Even for people that don’t know the difference between craft and crafty.

You fly a banner that says, “Karbach isn’t craft.” Cool. What changes?

It’s a pretty unreasonable expectation to think that this will change the minds of anybody that’s against our Operation Big Beer Big Bird idea. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help somebody that’s on the fence, though.

It’s very possible that we didn’t explain the plan clearly enough, but at first that was genuinely the idea. Shroud it all in a cloud of mystery, and build the buzz.

Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s the plan and details

Operation Big Beer Big Bird isn’t as simple as putting a plane in the sky.

The plane will be the giant lightbulb and Karbach the lighthouse, warning thirsty and unknowing drinkers at the festival. But on it’s own, it’s just a novelty.

So we’ve got two followup plans that’ll happen simultaneously.

We’re going to print up a bunch of flyers and have people on the ground polling patrons to see if they know. We’ll track that and share afterwards.

The flyers will briefly and concisely mention the following:

  1. What’s craft mean, and why independence matters
  2. Who’s flakin’ and perpetratin’ (not just Karbach)
  3. How they can vote with their dollars, if they care about the first two

That’ll happen in tandem with the online/social campaign. Similar info will be shared online, but it’ll be a bit more in depth.

We’ll also tell folks to take a pic of the plane as it flies overhead and share it for a chance to win some free beer and swag.

This repeats the cycle for users that are online.


Look, we know we’re not going to change the world overnight. We’re ambitious, not ignorant.

We’re super grateful for the support already. We’re almost at 25% of the goal with almost 100 shares on Facebook. We’re humbled every time y’all share a simple beer review with your friends. This is no different. Y’all are awesome.

Buuut, there have been a quiet minority offering reasons why it’s not going to make any difference, or even that it’s counterproductive, and we wanted to share that with you.

Here are 7 of the best things we’ve heard from anybody opposed to the idea, and why they’re wrong AF.

A handful of these opposing thoughts came from friends of the blog, so thanks for your critical thinking and not just being yes men.

1. This is douchebaggery/petty, and I can’t involve myself.

Most criticism we’ve seen so far has been constructive somehow. This isn’t. Maybe it is petty if you’re only focused on the short term. We’re not trying to be douchebags, but if you think that, you’re probably not reading this!

However, if you do read our content, know any of us in person, or speak with anybody that we’ve spent time with, you know that the one thing we’re trying to do is share Houston craft beer. That’s it.

2. The goal is a good one, but do it another way.

Fair enough. You might totally be right. Develop a better plan. Execute on it. Track every bit of data along the way, so you can measure your results and offer them to your contributors like we are. Then prove us wrong.

A few people have agreed that the heart of the campaign is a good one and offered some valid alternatives. Put some legs on them, and let us know when you do. We’ll help you! (For real.)

3. Your readers are into craft and definitely know Karbach sold out. Some of them still drink Karbach, and you can’t change their mind (speaking from experience).

A great point. This isn’t for them. If you’re stuck on this, you’re missing the boat entirely.

4. The guy that did this in San Diego for 10 Barrel got some press for it, but there was pushback from the beer community.

Yup. Sure was. Everybody can’t agree, and we’re well aware of that. Tony really digged Blue Testament and Nick didn’t as much. These things happen.

This also isn’t about us getting press. There are cheaper ways for us to do that; ways that are easier and more effective. We have nothing to gain from it, personally.

5. Why Index Fest/Untapped? It’s not the biggest or the best.

Free Press Summer Fest (FPSF), Wild West Brew Fest (WWBF), Houston Whatever Fest (HWF), or Brewmasters Craft Beer Fest (BCBF), maybe. But a one night festival like Index Fest?

Yup. A one night festival like Index Fest. Here’s why:

  1. It has more breweries in attendance than most of the other festivals.
  2. While breweries do attend them, FPSF and HWF aren’t even listing them in their marketing, as that’s not the main attraction.
  3. It’s not as well known for being one of the best craft beer festivals in town. That’s a good thing. People like us (an informed craft drinker) are more likely to be at the other, arguably better, festivals. (Or maybe all of them, but that’s not the point.) If you were just dipping your toes into craft, which one would you go to? The one marketed as a craft beer festival, with one of the biggest lists of breweries. If beer is the motivator, some of the others aren’t even on your radar.
  4. It’s outside. That opens up the possibilities.

Also, Index Fest is being billed as a craft beer festival. Almost 20% of the breweries in attendance are big beer. They’re misrepresenting and it only helps macro beer keep up the craft disguise.

6. Other, bigger festivals are billed as craft and have as many (or more) fakers in attendance. Try those instead.

Super valid. They’ve already passed, and they’re like 200+ days before the next one! Since starting the High End portfolio in 2015, AB InBev has gone on a spending spree like a kid in a candy store. They now own 10 craft breweries (and a cidery and hard seltzer maker).

They’ll own 15 by the time the next festival comes!

7. Just go buy a beer from the independent brewers instead of supporting this. Seems like a more efficient way of supporting the local guys.

We’re all already doing that. That won’t achieve anything more than what’s already being done. This is right in line with number 3. You’re missing the boat.

Keep doing the same thing and expect to educate people? Brilliant.

Why not try something different? At the end of the day, we’ll obviously tell everyone the results. Your curiosity oughta be worth a couple dollars.


I’m still not sure. What if all that doesn’t work? Then what?

You donated a couple dollars to try and make it happen. Probably less than you spend on beer in a single night out. That’s a pretty low risk way to try and do something far bigger than any of us can do on our own.

If the results are underwhelming then this becomes a litmus test for how much Houston really cares, specifically about independence. We can try it again in a few years as the scene in our city continues to grow.

There are enough likeminded folks in town to back the cause with a couple dollars and make it a success. If you’re reading this, you’re one of them.

When you want something to change, you do something about it. You join with a group of likeminded people and begin initiating change.


Thanks for your support. Operation Big Beer Big Bird isn’t possible without you. 🍻


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