F U Harvey Teku

We started selling the F U Harvey Tekus right after Hurricane Harvey to raise money for flood victims, and it was a huge hit. So huge, we ordered more. Twice. We donated the profit after paying for all the shipping, and we’ll do it again.

Together, everybody that bought a glass contributed to the $41.6 million raised by JJ Watt. This go-round, we’ll skip the middle-man and give straight to one of the relief efforts that he gave to, All Hands and Hearts.


Referred to by some as “the world’s best beer glass,” the unique design of the 14.5 oz Rastal Teku offers something for all of the senses.


This one also says 🖕Harvey on one side and We  Houston Beer on the other.



(This covers shipping to anywhere in the continental US – contact us for international orders)


When you send payment, please include the following in the note, or your glass won’t be shipped on time:

  • F U Harvey Teku
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address