Running Walker Texas Secession


Running Walker Texas Secession

Running Walker


Golden Ale

ABV: 3.6%

IBUs: 11

Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans


I grabbed a can of Running Walker Texas Secession in a build your own 6 pack from Total Wine a back in June, and I wrote this review in my beer journal on July 8, 2017. I wasn’t even sure what kind of beer I was buying, but we didn’t have much Running Walker on the site, so I figured I’d roll the dice.

The code on the bottom of the can leads me to believe this beer’s been sitting on a shelf for over a year. (This is not the first time I’ve encountered this at Total Wine.) Let that sink in while you read everything else.

The can art on Running Walker Texas Secession is mostly aluminum. Their dog plays center stage surrounded by Stars and Stripes reminiscent of the Texas flag, and beneath that is some old English and handwritten script made to look like an actual letter of Secession. It’s clever!

Texas Secession pours clearer than a Texas summer sky with a little bit of head that exits left stage and leaves no encore in the way of lace. It’s golden amber like waves of grace. (Man, that description came together so well!)

The nose on this beer reminds me of apples and honey.

The flavor of Running Walker Texas Secession starts off like nothing, and there’s not much going on as the sip goes down. The flavor seems to all kick in on the aftertaste, filled with sweet, corn-like notes and a mild fruitiness, unlike other golden Ales I’ve had. With 3.6% ABV and 11 IBU, one could argue that I shouldn’t be expecting much, but there are plenty of low ABV/IBU beers that pack a ton of flavor into each sip. Kadigan Blonde comes to mind in comparison to this style. Raspberry AF too, although not in style.

It’s pretty good, and it reminds me a bit of SpindleTap Honey Hole ESB with the nose and sweetness, but it’s not as good.


You can find Runnitg Walker Texas Secession in cans in Total Wine like me, and they might be stale. I’ve also seen them at HEB, and I know it’s on draft at Tapped – DraftHouse & Kitchen and Eskimo Hut Louetta in Spring.

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