Southern Star Hecho En Conroe


Southern Star Hecho En Conroe

Southern Star Brewing Company


Style of beer

ABV: 5.09%

IBUs: 20

Packaging: Draft, 32 oz Crowler

I’ve got a good friend that drinks Dos Equis exclusively. I’ve tried to get him into craft a few times, but there just aren’t many Mexican lager options for those people. It’s something that leaves me torn because as a beer nerd, I’m not reaching for a Mexican lager like Hecho en Conroe, but there are plenty of folks that might! I’ve actually ran some numbers, but more on that another time.

Chris knows my buddy and has even helped me get him some good craft options for his palette. He owed me a few beers, so he grabbed me a growler of Hecho en Conro at Drink of Ages Pub. My Dos Equis drinking pal and I went to the shooting range this Saturday and followed that up with chicken and beer at my house. After a few Dos Equis, I busted this bad boy out. Not only was he stunned by how big the can was, having never seen a crowler before, but when he drank it he said something about craft beer I never thought he would. “I don’t hate it.” THAT’S A WIN, Y’ALL!

Now, how’s it look, so you can find it for your friends? I don’t think Hecho en Conroe even has label art, but the taphandle art on Southern Star’s site shows it as green, white, and red just like the Mexican flag. There’s some black, cursive text that says Mexican lager, and there’s the hecho en Mexico eagle head sitting at the top of the handle.

Hecho en Conroe pours a crystal clear, golden yellow. It looks like apple juice. There’s a foamy white head that melts quickly. While the color’s a little darker than a Corona or Dos Equis, it looks spot on. My pictures suck because we got a late start on the chicken after the range, and we’re losing day light now. It actually looks much lighter.

It smells perfectly light and cereal crisp with a hint of corn and nearly no hops.

Southern Star hit the nail on the head with this one. It tastes just like Corona or any of the other generic Mexican lager options, but a bit better. All the same flavors you’d expect are there, but they’re just a bit more pronounced noticeable. Light body, smooth finish with a tiny lingering sweetness typical of the style make Hecho en Conroe a good look for the Dos Equis, Corona drinking friends we all have.

The carbonation is perfectly complimentary to the light and refreshing style, and it’s pretty light bodied.

As I mentioned above, there aren’t many local options to compare it to. Deep Ellum Neato Bandito comes to mind, but this isn’t as flavorful as that. That’s not a dig either (when you consider the audience). It’s more on the light, crisp side than the sweet, malty side so Blackwater Draw Border Town lager isn’t a great comparison either. Can I just come out and say it? Southern Star took a style of beer that beer nerds like me probably couldn’t care less about, and they knocked it out of the park for all of our stubborn friends. There’s no great local comparison. It doesn’t exist!

You can find Southern Star Hecho en Conroe on draft at the brewery, at DOA, World of Beer North Point, Hop Scholar, and Moon Tower to name a few.

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