SpindleTap 5 Percent Tint IPA


SpindleTap 5 Percent Tint

SpindleTap Brewery

Northeast Houston, Aldine

Session NEIPA

ABV: 5%

IBUs: ? Gonna guess 55?

Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 12 ounce cans



(Cheers to Untappd user Ramiro C. [Colombolq] for the photo I ganked.)

SpindleTap’s 2 year anniversary just passed, and they decided to do more Derrickman Dubbel (their 1 year anniversary beer), but the stars of the show for Houston’s hop heads were clearly their IPAs. 5% Tint didn’t get as much love as Juiceton, and Houston Haze has become an oldie but goodie that’s not shouted about as much, but that’s not reflective of the quality of the beer. They were all solid, but SpindleTap 5 Percent Tint was a show stopper for me.

Our cans were so fresh that they didn’t even have stickers on them! Being a design nerd, I was a little disappointed, but I got over it quickly. Those that we’re lucky enough to get cans with labels would see a black label with white text that says Five Percent Tint, where the dots on the % are hops. Super basic art for a super simple beer.

Like I said my disappointment subsided after the first pour. SpindleTap Five Percent Tint pours a glowing, hazy, bright yellow. It looks almost like canned pineapple juice. There’s a big, foamy white head that laces down like curtains, tinting the glass to a near 5%. It’s a beautiful beer.

SpindleTap Five Percent Tint smells like flowers and fruit, jasmine and pineapples more specifically. It’s light in aroma just as it is in ABV.

It’s super clean and bright with each sip. The light, crisp, fruitiness shines through and finishes with pineapples and a light bitterness that lingers along with a super subtle hop burn that may have died out by now. Mind you, this review was written day 1 after canning despite me taking a few days to post. I always drink faster than I can post.

One of the most impressive aspects ofSpindleTap Five Percent Tint is that it’s still creamy and pillowy on the mouthfeel. That’s tougher with a 5% ABV beer. I honestly expected this to be their first big L – 16 oz cans of hop tea – but it’s not that, and I’m always happy to be wrong when it comes to skepticism like that. Shoulda known better, I guess.

I just can’t help myself… SpindleTap’s brewmaster Sean Ebersole mentioned “Chicken Soup IPA’s” at the very top of his list of beer pet peeves when we first interviewed him, Garrison and Leo. I haven’t spoken with him about it since then, but he’s gotta be a convert by now??!

SpindleTap Five Percent Tint is probably more of a Pale Ale than an IPA, but comparing it doesn’t get any easier. The low ABV and lighter body make for a tough comparison, but flavor wise it reminds me a bit of Bissell Brothers Engma, and locally, it reminds me a bit of Houston Haze, as there’s a lot of pineapple flavor there too.


SpindleTap Five Percent Tint is brewery release only, but word on the street is they didn’t sell out last week, and there’s still 20-something cases left, so go cop you some before it’s too late and you’re left looking like Mike Jones a few years after the Swisha House wave faded off.

I know I probably won’t get many folks co-signing, but I think this is one of the best things to come outta SpindleTap. Houston Haze has remained one of my favs all time, and OJD made me question my life decisions. There’s a strange phenomenon when you call something a 5 Star beer, and then you have something even better. SpindleTap 5% Tint does that for me yet again.

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