Where to Find Water in Houston – Hurricane Harvey Party


Where to Find Water in Houston


Hurricane Harvey Party inside the loop with a pretty rad brewery tour?




Everybody on Facebook’s asking where to find water in Houston. All the grocery stores look like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow, and everybody’s trying to get their last minute shopping in before Harvey hits tonight at 1am.

They’re all looking for one thing. Water.

Well, maybe two. Water and beer.

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS! Holler, Eureka Heights and Town in City got your back. They also have legit beer, so there’s that.


Town in City was giving away supplies as prizes for their game night, but Holler and Eureka Heights were offering to fill your containers for free. Just bring your containers. Boom.

Town in City and Holler are already closed, though, and Eureka’s closing at 10PM tonight. You might wanna keep an eye on their Facebook pages tomorrow for updates on more water. La Michoacanas are also one of the few stores that’s still calm.

In closing, if you’re looking for where to find water in Houston, we’ve been told that Bud Light counts as long as you’re really out of water. If you’re considering dying of thirst as a better option than that, you might wanna check out our Big Beer Big Bird campaign!

Beers to you, Houston! 🍻

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